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Весь каталог Optoelectronics and light sourcesBacklight modules
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Garland LED 10m 20 bulbs white warm light 20W

Decorative garland of 20 LED bulbs with a warm white glow.
Garland LED 10m 20 bulbs white warm light 20W
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Изображение товара

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Decorative garland of 20 LED bulbs with a warm white glow. Each lamp has a power of 1W and is made in the form of a burning candle. By imitating such a light source, the garland creates a cozy illumination of the area. Perfect for covered verandas, terraces, awnings with a canopy from rain and snow. They can also decorate the room from the inside. Lamps are not intended for outdoor outdoor installation, as they do not have a sealed envelope. But at the same time, an open radiator allows you to effectively dissipate heat from the lamp, so that it will never overheat and it will be impossible to burn yourself.
The garland consists of 20 lamps, the distance between the lamps is 50cm. The driver has a 1.5m long network cable, and there is still about 2m of wire from the driver to the first lamp, which will allow you to conveniently position the driver and there will be no problems connecting to the 220V network.

Main characteristics:

  • Number of bulbs: 20pcs
  • Distance between lamps: 50cm
  • Lamp type: LED (light-emitting diode)
  • Single lamp power: 1W
  • Brightness of one lamp: 110-125 Lm
  • Total power: 20W
  • Power supply: 220V AC
  • Light length: 10m
  • Total length: 13m


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