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Contact protection Top-Pin 200ml spray SALE

To protect gold-plated and silver-plated contacts from damage. Spray 200 ml.
Contact protection Top-Pin 200ml spray SALE
Manufacturer: CRAMOLIN
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TOP-PIN is specially designed to protect contacts made of precious metals. It gently cleans, lubricates and protects ultra-fine coatings on contacts and connectors.
High-quality synthetic reagents and inhibitors included in the preparation have excellent lubricating and anticorrosive properties.
Prevents wear and damage to precious metal layers, and also eliminates the possibility of corrosion damage to the metal substrate.
The resulting protective film is reliable, very thin, highly lubricating and heat-resistant.

  • appearance: transparent liquid of red color
  • aerosol density at 20°C: 0.67 g/cm³
  • film density at 20°C: 0.73 g/cm³
  • film viscosity at 20°C: 8600mm2/s
  • film viscosity at 40°С 400mm2/s
  • softening point 5°С
  • vapor pressure at 25°C: 5x10-10mbar
  • corrosion resistance 4 cycles (DIN ICE 68)
  • heat resistance up to 300°С

TOP-PIN is recommended for working with gold-plated connectors of printed circuit boards, connectors of computer interfaces and ensures long-term preservation of the functionality of contacts and connectors of all types. The use of the drug is especially recommended in high-quality electronic devices, as well as, in the presence of an aggressive environment, in workshops and industrial sites, in electronic automotive equipment, in electronic data processing devices, telecommunications, space and military technology.

Recommendations for use:

As soon as possible, especially before first use, protect the contact surfaces of the connectors using TOP-PIN.
Attach the extension tube to the spray gun and apply a thin film to the surface to be treated.
For long-term protection of contacts, repeat the procedure regularly, at regular intervals, even if contacts and switches are used infrequently.

Do not use the agent on energized components. Let the agent evaporate before plugging in the device.

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