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Paraffin lubricant KEFIR for bicycle chain [100 ml]

Paraffin based bicycle chain lubricant. Bottle 100 ml.
Paraffin lubricant KEFIR for bicycle chain [100 ml]
Manufacturer: КефiрБайк
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Kefir- the first dry lubricant for a bicycle chain, fully developed and produced in Ukraine, taking into account the local conditions of use of bicycles and a rapidly expanding bicycle park.
  • environmentally friendly - it consists only of paraffins and water, does not contain solvents and oils;
  • clean - like many lubricants on wax and paraffins, it does not stain hands and clothes, does not collect dust and dirt from the road, and also has water-repellent properties;
  • durable - one lubricant is enough for 130-200 kilometers or 5-9 hours of driving, depending on the weather, driving style and chain condition;
  • economical - a bottle of 100 ml is enough for the whole cycling season (about 3500-4000 km);
  • increases the resource of the chain and transmission elements in comparison with conventional lubricants from petroleum products;
  • versatile and all-weather, suitable for all types of bike chains, all riding styles, works great in hot and cold weather!
Numerous tests of Ukrainian riders in various conditions confirm the high quality and resource of Kefir lubricant!
According to the set of parameters (durability, resource, versatility)grease Kefirlocated between popular lubricantsSquirtandSmoove, but at the same time 3-4 times cheaper.
Fully compatible with other paraffinic lubricants, start using Kefir at a convenient moment without additional chain preparation or immediately after changing it.
More details on the properties and features of the use of the grease can be found atthe official website of the manufacturer of grease KEFIP.

Attention! when switching to paraffin lubrication after using traditional oils based on petroleum products, it is necessary to thoroughly wash and degrease the chain with an organic solvent. Also, when installing a new chain, cleaning from preservative grease and degreasing is required.

The grease has a shelf life of two years at temperatures from +0 to +40 in a tightly closed container. Do not freeze, because water-based lubricant, and after freezing it partially loses its properties.
Please, in order to avoid damage during transportation, do not order grease with delivery by postal services during the cold season at temperatures close to zero or below.

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