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Silicone sealant DD6729 Heat Resistant Copper Gasket Shaper 85g

High temperature resistant, high thermal conductivity copper silicone gasket former, high temperature resistant. Oil and water resistant. 85 gram tube.
Silicone sealant DD6729 Heat Resistant Copper Gasket Shaper 85g
Manufacturer: DoneDeal
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Done Deal DD6729 is an RTV silicone paste filled with fine copper.
Possesses in relation to conventional silicone sealants increased thermal conductivity, heat resistance and durability.
It is used for the repair of components and assemblies subject to long-term CIP operation and operating at elevated temperatures.

  • composition - methyl tri (MEK oximo) silane, vinyl tri (MEK oximo) silane, copper, functional additives
  • color - copper
  • heat resistance - from -70°С to +370°С
  • setting time - 10 min
  • curing time - 10-12 hours
  • complete polymerization - 24h
Application area:
Used to install:
  • turbocharger
  • exhaust manifold
  • other units operating at elevated temperatures
Features and Benefits
  • DD6729 replaces any factory silicone gaskets, standard hard and rubber gaskets
  • safe for cars equipped with an oxygen sensor
  • resistant to temperature extremes and vibration
  • due to the copper content, it has increased heat resistance and durability
  • can be applied to standard gaskets (except for the block head gasket) in order to improve their performance and thermal conductivity
  • resistant to automotive fluids (prolonged contact with gasoline is not recommended)
  • does not lead to corrosion of parts made of steel, cast iron or aluminum alloys
When replacing or refurbishing gaskets, clean and dry all surfaces to be treated.
Apply a continuous, uniform (3mm) coat of sealant around the perimeter of one of the surfaces to be joined.
Allow 10 minutes to set and bond the surfaces.
The sealant cures completely after 24 hours.
The curing time depends on the ambient temperature.
Use a knife to remove excess silicone from the treated surfaces.
Attention!DD6729 - If swallowed, do not induce vomiting, seek medical advice immediately. In case of contact with skin, clean with a dry cloth or cloth and wash with soap and water. In case of contact with eyes: rinse with water for 15 minutes. Keep out of the reach of children!

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