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Prototype board SYB-500 pin

Reusable, no soldering required. On a plastic plate. Size 200 x 230 x 12 mm. Number of contact points 2400+ 500 pcs.
Prototype board SYB-500 pin
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The board allows prototyping of various electronic circuits easily and without soldering, and is reusable.
Resource - 10,000 component installations.
It is used for mounting accessories with hard leads with a diameter of 0.3-0.8 mm.
Contact material: phosphor bronze, nickel.
The board consists of 4 blocks of the main field, interconnected by grooves of 600 contact points each with integrated power buses on the 1st bus for 50 points on both sides of each block.
In addition, the power bus in the amount of 1 piece per 100 points is located along the upper edge of the main field.
The contact field is fixed on a dielectric base plate.
There are two pairs of power clamps on the top of the base (two clamps each, red and black). Contacts for connecting the clamps are made for soldering, brought out to the bottom side of the boards through the base. The power clamps are not connected to the power rails on the breadboard field; if necessary, the required switching must be done by yourself.
On the underside of the board there are rubber feet on a screw fastening, if necessary, it can be easily removed.
  • board size: 200 x 230 x 12 mm (excluding rubber feet)
  • number of contact points of the main field: 2400 pcs (4 blocks, 60 x 5 x 2 contacts)
  • number of power bus contacts: 500 pcs (10 pcs, 5 x 10 contacts)

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Александр 14-10-2017 13:43 share

Плата состоит из 4х подобных блоков "Плата макетная BB-102" ?

Шины питания блоков и зажимы подвода питания к плате имеют соединение?

RS (Менеджер интернет-магазина) 17-10-2017 16:55 share
1) Нет, BB-102   - похожа на сегмент данной платы, но немного отличается  по размерам, количеству контактов и конфигурации шин питания. Она чуть больше.

2) Зажимы питания не подключены к шинам питания на поле макетной платы, при необходимости требуемую коммутацию нужно сделать самостоятельно.

Александр 28-10-2017 0:17 share

Огромное СПАСИБО!


RS (Менеджер интернет-магазина) 28-10-2017 9:17 share

И Вам спасибо за конструктивный вопрос. Информацию о подключении зажимов я уже добавил и в описание макетки, это будет полезно другим покупателям.

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