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Soldering Station YIHUA-853D/5 (+ built-in power supply unit 5A)

Digital controlled two-channel hot air rework station. The hair dryer is compressorless. Soldering iron with HAKKO heater, power up to 75 W. Built-in full-function laboratory power supply 30 V, 5 A.
Soldering Station YIHUA-853D/5 (+ built-in power supply unit 5A)
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Soldering station "three in one":
a non-compressor hair dryer with a nozzle for the installation of crimping nozzles, the most common and available.
soldering iron with HAKKO ceramic heater.
laboratory power supply unit 30 Volt, 5 Ampere, full function.
All three devices can work simultaneously or separately, each is turned on by its own rocker switch (there is also a general power switch on the rear panel). This layout saves a lot of desktop space.
Temperature control according to the PID-regulator algorithm, implemented on a specialized SAMSUNG microcontroller. Switching of heating elements - triacs, with zero crossing control. Robust metal control box.
- 650 W hot air gun with built-in fan, maximum air supply capacity - 120 liters per minute, temperature from 100 Сoup to 450 Co... The set includes 4 nozzles of various diameters with screw crimping.
- electronic temperature control guarantees good thermal stability of the air flow even with a sharp change in the volume of supplied air.
- the function of automatic cooling of the hot air gun after installation in the holder protects the heating element from overheating.
- soldering iron 24V, power 60-75 W; The used ceramic heating element HAKKO 1321 ensures reliable operation, durability and temperature stability.
- thermosensor of a resistive soldering iron (built into the heater), which provides low inertia and greater accuracy of maintaining the temperature in comparison with a thermocouple;
- antistatic design, galvanic isolation, 24V supply voltage ensure the safety of electronic components and the board.
- in the basic configuration, the sting is a cone with an end face of 0.8 mm, durable, chrome-plated; The design compatibility of the soldering tips with the HAKKO and XYTRONIC soldering systems provides a wide range of tips.
-The supplied stand with a cellulose sponge for wet cleaning of the tip reliably protects the soldering iron from mechanical damage when dropped, as well as from accidental touching of heated parts.
Built-in power supply with adjustable output voltage up to 30V, current up to 5A). Digital indication of current and voltage. Current stabilization mode, automatic overload and short circuit protection.
The power supply voltage indicator can be switched to the external voltage measurement mode (maximum DC 100 V). For connection, the same 4 mm banana connectors are used as for connecting the power supply load.
In terms of its technical characteristics and price level, the station most closely matches the tasks of repairing, first of all, portable electronics (mobile phones, video cameras, etc.), household appliances, for prototyping and development.
All models of YIHUA soldering stations and board heaters are guaranteed for 3 months.
The warranty does not cover heating elements and soldering tips, which are consumables.

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Евгений Викторович 22-02-2018 16:52 share

Добрый день!

Хотел бы узнать в чем разница данной станции с

помимо блока питания? О каких 4LED идет речь в названной?


RS (Менеджер интернет-магазина) 22-02-2018 17:22 share

Добрый день!

4LED - это количество индикаторов (вот почему-то производителю захотелось включить этот параметр в название станции -  YIHUA-853D/3A/4LED встроенный БП 3А, USB

Отличие действительно заключается в параметрах блока питания, также там добавлен разъем USB с фиксированным напряжением 5В для подключения питания различных устройств.

RS (Менеджер интернет-магазина) 20-03-2017 16:33 share

Так еще и место на столе экономит, а это иногда дороже денег...;-)

Вячеслав Николаевич (Менеджер интернет-магазина) 20-03-2017 15:19 share

Очень удобная станция. Преимущество, что не нужно покупать дополнительно ЛБП, а это очень сэкономит деньги.

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