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Anti-corrosion agent Sofeisation R-101 silver varnish 0.75l

Straight to the rust !!! Metal paint. High fluidity, penetrating ability, elasticity of the coating. Non-porous, weather-resistant. Fast drying. Wide range of applications, both as a primer and as a topcoat. SILVER . Packing 750 ml, tin can.
Anti-corrosion agent Sofeisation R-101 silver varnish 0.75l
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SOFHEIZATION: is an exceptional anti-corrosion agent invented and patented in 1974 by Ramon Lanfant, founder of SOFRAP, Société Française de Produits Métallurgiques.
Due to its high fluidity and wetting ability, the agent displaces moisture and air from the micropores of the material and creates a film that protects the surface from electrolytic and underfilm corrosion.

A unique protective anticorrosive agent based on epoxy-phenol-formaldehyde resin. Highly hydrophobic.
Strong fluidity (the product is more fluid than water) provides an exceptionally high filling capacity.
R-101 penetrates the pores of the oxide layer (rust) and reaches the metal unaffected by corrosion, while removing oxygen and moisture.

One of the main properties of sophieisation is its simplicity in surface preparation.
Surface preparation prior to the application of protective products is an unpleasant and expensive operation that requires sandblasting or shot-blasting devices.
However, this does not remove all corrosive agents such as atmospheric oxygen and humidity.
The causes of incipient corrosion occur already at the very moment of paint application: air and moisture between the porous metal surfaces and the protective layer cause oxidation.
Oxygen reacts with metal to form rust. This internal corrosion causes damage and flaking of the protective layer.

Experts around the world have long been conducting research to improve the quality of anti-corrosion products and to create products for direct application to rusted metal surfaces.
In sofeisation, an organic resin base is used as a long-lasting primary anti-corrosion system that is applied directly to rust and associated scale. Its exceptional wetting ability allows it to penetrate through capillaries into all pores of the oxide layer and into cracks. By adsorption, it penetrates to the intact metal, preventing the formation of air bubbles and moisture, leading to oxidation.
Being water-repellent, it wicks away moisture, thereby completely preventing the risk of internal corrosion. After polymerization, the sofeisation agent ensures complete isolation of the treated surfaces.
Sofeization does not cause any chemical reaction, its action is physical and mechanical. No formation of toxic substances occurs.
Recommended for coating ferrous and non-ferrous metals, wood and concrete, plastics and many other materials. You can work on rusty metal, a thin layer of rust can be easily impregnated with varnish. Indoor and outdoor.
Can be used as a primer followed by painting, and as a decorative topcoat without topcoat. It is also possible to cover previously painted (primed) surfaces.
The varnish eliminates the decay process in the wood and creates a surprisingly hard coating.
Can be used as a food grade coating. Coating of surfaces in contact with drinking water, vegetable oils, juices, beer, alcoholic beverages is allowed.
Maintains high corrosion resistance in the temperature range from - 60°C to+105°C.
Heat resistance pigmented with aluminum paste up to+300°C.
Another very useful property is that it does not interfere with electric welding. Metal already covered with sofeisation does not require cleaning during electric welding. The protective film does not interfere with the ignition of the arc, the varnish does not burn or bubble like ordinary paints.
Ideal for protecting and sealing welds in ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
Allows for repair and anti-corrosion protection of metal structures in conditions of poorly prepared surfaces, high humidity, i.e. in the field.
Does not require special solvents. White spirit, which is readily available, can be used as a solvent.
Economical, consumption with one-layer coating with one liter of the product can cover 15-18 m² of the area (depending on the porosity of the material to be coated).
Fast drying, drying time per layer 90 minutes at+20°C.

Toxicity:Sofeisation complies with the new European directive 2004/42/EC regarding VOC for 2007 and 2010. Including mainly organic resins, Sofeisation is non-toxic and non-polluting. It can be used to protect food processing equipment (Central Nutrition Laboratory Protocol # 24670). The agent does not cause any chemical reaction: its action is physical and mechanical. No formation of toxic substances occurs.

Attention! The product is not compatible with nitro enamels. Acetone and materials containing acetone must not be used for the topcoat.

LKM type


R-101 toolis a solution of epoxy-phenol-formaldehyde resin, modified with drying oils, in white spirit with special additives.
Pigmented or colorless.
Surface protection is due to the special penetrating ability and hydrophobicityR-101 funds,as well as high coverage continuity (the porosity of the two-layer coating is 99.99%).
R-101 toolissued of the following types:
  • colorless varnish;
  • pigmented with aluminum paste (silver);
  • pigmented with iron oxide red (reddish brown).
  • Means R-101 pDesigned for indoor and outdoor use for all categories of buildings (industrial, household, public, medical and children's), as well as for coating surfaces in contact with drinking water, vegetable oils, juices, beer, alcoholic beverages.
  • Means R-101 pIt is used for anticorrosive protection of rusty or rust-free metal surfaces, incl. ships, cranes, pipelines, transformers, instruments, equipment, roofs and other structures during their transportation, storage and operation.
  • Moreover,R-101 toolcan be used to protect wood, concrete, slate, roof tiles and other building materials.
  • R-101 toolcan be used as a primer and as a final coat.
Special properties
  • FilmFunds  R-101 stand in sea and fresh water and its vapors, transformer oil (up to 105°C).
  • FilmFunds  R-101 pigmented with aluminum powder can be used at temperatures no higher than 300°C.
  • R-101 tooldoes not change the welding parameters.
  • On surfaces covered withBy means of R-101,underfilm corrosion does not develop.
Technical data:
  • Dry residue - 45-52%
  • Drying time at 200C - 2 hours
  • Solvent - "Sofralent", white spirit
  • Gloss - glossy
Film color
  • R-101 toolcolorless: transparent yellowish brown coating
  • R-101 toolpigmented with aluminum: silver gray finish
  • R-101 toolpigmented with iron oxide red: reddish brown coating
Single layer thickness No more than 20 microns
Consumption 1 liter for 15-18m² with one coat
Terms of use
  • Stir the pigmented thoroughly before use until completely homogeneous.
  • There should be no sediment at the bottom.
  • R-101 toolcompletely ready to use and does not require dilution before application.
  • R-101 toolrefers to quick-drying compositions (drying time for one layer 90 minutes at a temperature of+20°C). Therefore, in order to save and preserve the properties of the primer, it is advisable to use the entire container during one shift.
Surface preparation
  • The quality of the coating depends on the method and quality of surface treatment at least on the protective properties of the paintwork used. Before painting, loose rust, old coating, scale, mechanical impurities must be removed from the metal surface and degreased. A surface is considered to be grease-free if, after applying clean filter paper, no traces remain on the paper.
  • With an optimal film thickness of 15-20 microns, the maximum allowable rust thickness can be no more than 5 microns.
  • The surface finish depends on the subsequent operating conditions.
  • It should be remembered that the more difficult the operating conditions, the more thoroughly the surface must be processed.
  • When painting new concrete or plastered surfaces, their age should be at least 4 weeks and the humidity should be no more than 4%.
Coverage scheme
  • R-101 toolirreplaceable for painting surfaces with the first layer.
  • R-101 toolwidely applicable as a weatherproof coating.
  • As a primer, intermediate and/or finishing coat, alkyd, oil, phenol-formaldehyde paintwork materials and their modifications, as well as materials compatible with alkyd paintwork materials, are used.
  • Do not use acetone and materials containing acetone. For example, nitro enamels.
  • The thickness of each layer of paintwork can be less than indicated in this card.
  • In this case, the number of layers is increased in order to achieve the required total coating thickness. It is not allowed to achieve hiding power of the coating by increasing the layer thickness.
Performing painting
  • R-101 toolcan be applied in any way: air and airless spraying, brush, roller with foam nozzle; pouring, dipping.
  • The time until the next layer is applied is at least 24 hours after the previous one has dried.
  • The time to fill the containers is at least 10 days.
Cleaning of equipment and tools
  • Clean with white spirit.
  • Cleaning of equipment and tools should not be delayed for more than 1-2 hours, asR-101 refers to fast drying coatings.
Occupational safety
  • R-101 toolfire hazardous and toxic due to the solvent included in its composition (white spirit).
  • Personnel must be provided with personal protective equipment in accordance with accepted standards.
  • Working conditions at the painting site must comply with accepted standards.
  • On hitR-101 toolson the skin, it is convenient to first wash it off with vegetable matter (for example, sunflower), and then wash the contaminated area with soap and water.
What can lead to deterioration of the properties of the coating
  • Lack of thorough mixing before using pigmented withR-101.
  • Film formation during storage after opening the manufacturer's container; therefore, it is advisable to use the entire contents of one container within 1 shift.
  • Storage near heating devices, in the sun, at temperatures above 30°C.
  • Insufficient drying and holding time between coats and final.
  • Application with a thick layer of more than 20 microns.
  • Dips, drips.

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